Saturday, 3 March 2012

Chimichengas Port solent

A warm Mexican welcome at Chimmichengas, but not so much from the staff!!This month, we picked a busy Friday night for our meal out, and as it was Clair's choice for her birthday, she thought she would go Mexican (surprising as she doesn't like spicy food!!) But, the food was fantastic!!! Clair found a tortilla burger which was not spicy and totally amazing!! Gemma had the burger with bacon whilst Clair opted for the chicken version, which did have a little kick to it.

Mike had a steak fajita salad, whilst Dean opted for their special which on this particular day was a tortilla pizza, which he soon demolished!!! The starters, i forgot to mention were also delicious leading onto the wonderful desserts too (I can highly recommend the honeycomb cheesecake!!)

So, the food being excellent, you would expect us to give top marks for this restaurant. Well, as true Grubgang followers will know, we don't just rate the food, we look at all aspects of the dining experience. Unfortunately, the staff were the ones who let the place down. There seemed to be no organisation and communication with the staff. Granted, it was a very busy Friday night, but all the more reason that there should be more communication occurring. We were asked 3 times if we had ordered our drinks, offered menus when we already had seen them and ordered our food and then almost got served someone elses drinks!!

The decor of the restaurant is modern and in keeping with the Mexican theme, however, we did notice that the tables were closely packed together and that staff had to squeeze themselves between chairs and tables to serve the customers. The facilities were clean and we found no complaints there.

It is a shame that the staffs lack of communication has let the score down a little here. We had a lovely night and enjoyed the food immensely. I would recommend that if you do decide to visit Chimichangas, try and find a quieter night, maybe midweek perhaps, were things may be a little less manic and more organised.

Marks out of 10.................................................................... 8 (Clair's choice)

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