About Us

Grubgang was founded in January 2008 by Dean and Clair Maskell, Mike Dixon and Gemma Wickens. The premise of this group was to find meals to beat the credit crunch of the time, getting 3 courses and a drink for £20. The group met once a month to not only socialise, but to also get the chance to try new foods, new venues and put their thoughts onto the website in the form of reviews!

In 2013, the group were joined by Dave Graham and Peter Hall, who both enjoy the fun of eating out and trying new foods. The group were also intrigued to see how venues coped with the idea of 6 diners, and the new dynamics this offers. We also had to up our price range to £25 for three courses and a drink (darn inflation!)

Now, in 2014 the group consists of Dean, Clair, Gemma, Dave and Pete and although we are a fab five, we still are going strong and have been exploring the local restaurants in the Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Southampton and Chichester areas once a month to bring you the thoughts of the everyday people who could walk into a restaurant or pub everyday!

If you would like Grubgang to visit your venue and can meet our ideals of 3 courses for £25, give us an email at clairwick@hotmail.co.uk. We are always looking for new places to eat!!!