Tuesday, 24 January 2012

LJ's Chinese Restaurant Fareham

All you can eat heaven with friendly and prompt service

The Grubgang crew descended on Fareham once more for their monthly meeting, this time for chinese at what they had heard was the best Chinese in the area. And what we had heard was indeed a pretty good description!

The service was friendly as soon as we stepped inside. We had had to book as the restaurant is popular throughout the week, even on a Wednesday!! After looking through the many menus on offer, we found that we had a couple of options for our £20 a head. The first being an all you can eat menu (cheaper the more of you there are at the table, not so good for couples), the 2012 special menu (a 3 course meal for £12.95 if i remember correctly) and the set menu at around £14 for three courses. We went with the all you can eat option.

It is nice to visit an all you can eat where you have table service, and this service actually helps you to pace yourself. We were offered all of the starters, with a piece each of each dish, before choosing a soup, a dish of either duck or lamb pancakes and then finally a main course!!

Well, we were full by the main course, but had a good attempt at eating it! You definitely get your moneys worth!! The waiters and waitresses are a good laugh (we even got recognised in the local supermarket by one of the waiters afterwards!!)

So, to the slight downsides...........the restaurant itself is decorated lovely, but as it is busy, it is quite cramped where they have tried to get as many tables in as possible. Not so nice for an intimate dinner for two. Unfortanately, Clair had a cracked glass but this was dealt with quickly and replaced with a new drink at no extra charge, so not too much of an issue. Gemma had requested chopsticks with Dean when we were asked at the start of the menu. These did not appear, which was quite dissappointing. All in all not major issues, but we have marked down slightly as we have before with previous venues.

Welldone LJ in Fareham, a lovely meal.

Marks out of 10................................................. 7

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