Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cor Biagio Pizzeria Review

Grubgang on tour!!! Number 1.....London!!

For our first "Grubgang" on tour, Gemma and Clair would like to introduce this quaint little Italian in London, right in the heart of theatre land! Having read the reviews online about this restaurant, this may have been somewhere we would have avoided had we had read them before going. I'm glad we hadn't though, because it was a pleasant visit to a lovely restaurant, with extremely tasty food. Yes, the service is very quick, and you do have to stop to take a breath if you can before you eat your next course, but when you remember that you are in a typical "Pre-Theatre" restaurant, you realise that this fast service is all to make sure that you get to your theatre shows on time!!

The waiters, although fast, were friendly and had a good rapour with the customers. The waiter explained, in a lovely Italian drawl, that he had to be fast, in fact his boss said he wasn't fast enough!! The food was delicious, with plenty of opportunity to get 3 courses and a drink for your £20, which you have to admit, in London is very refreshing to know.

The venue was busy, but with interesting decor and plenty of charm, it did well to fill us up in preparation for the show ahead of us. Definitely one to visit, if you don't mind being rushed a little.

Mark: 8 out of 10 (Gemma Wickens/Clair Maskell)

Cor Biagio Pizzeria Ristorante
30 Rupert St, London W1D 6DL
Tel: 020 7734 9415‎

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  1. I have a comment from our Clair's Mum, she says:

    "Waiters were especially nice to mums and it was a perfect start to a theatre evening in london"