Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kams Palace, Park Gate

                            Beautiful decor, good food and a value menu......!
Kams Palace, situated on a busy roundabout in Park Gate, has always had a reputation for good food at expensive prices. However, doing some recent research into the restaurant, I found that many diners have found the standards slipping, not so much with the food, but the service.

With talk of small portions and bad service, I started to wonder if my choice was going to fair well with the Grubgang! Usually, we wouldnt be able to afford the menu at Kams, but at the moment they have a fantastic deal running till the end of June 2012, offering 2 courses for £10! What a great way to get people through the door, especially as Mike admitted he had always driven past wishing he could afford to step through the doors!

What a fantastic venue it is! Not only spectacular on the outside, the decor inside is wonderfully crafted and designed. The chairs have ornate patterns on them buit into the wood, there are chandleirs on the ceiling and the staffs uniforms are just as spectacular! We were given a warm, friendly welcome and were handed our menus. Not quite the menu we were looking for, however! We had to ask for the special deal menu, making Dean feel most uncomfortable in such  grand surroundings. Surely, if they are wanting people to try this deal, both menus should be given. When we asked for it, the waiter rolled his eyes and went straight to the manager before returning with the one we were looking for. Point off here I am afraid!

The food was second to none. Although some may feel the portions were small, we agreed they were ideal for the price we were paying. The appetisers were a lovely start to the meal, with spare ribs which the meat just fell of off, beautiful vegetable rolls and very meaty prawns which were divine! We had also asked for some prawn crackers which were served warm, something we had yet to experience. However, Gemma did feel they were not quite cooked enough.

The mains were just as nice! Sweeta nd sour chicken, stir fried chicken satay and stir fried prawns in yellow bean sauce. All went down well with the choice of egg fried rice or noodles. You could have another main meal for a further £5, which is worth it if you did want something more, but even with sharing our dishes, we felt the meals were ample, filling us up but not leaving us bloated.

The dessert menu was typical of chinese desserts, frozen dishes with a few alternitives, but lovely and light after your main dishes.

Unfortuately, we had to lose one point for the state of the toilet facilties. It is admerable that there is a disabled toilet available to guests, but the carpet outside the door was sticky, the floor inside was coming up and the whole cubicle was not very clean (with a pair of balck rubber gloves left on show!) It is a shame when the restaurant itself looks immaculate and wonderfully presented. Maybe with just a little TLC here and a little care with the way their deals are offered to the diners, we could have had a winner here!

Marks out of 10....................................................................... 8

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