Thursday, 5 February 2015

Casa Italia - Southampton

                              Some peoples idea of heaven.......all you can eat Italian buffet!

After visiting Casa Brasil previously and falling for its charms, we were intrigued when Dave decided to take us to Southampton to try the Italian version of the chain. Many of the group did not even know that they did Italian all you can eat buffet as well as Brazilian, and it was to be received fairly well!

We all opted for the all you can eat option, with the use of a card to indicate when we wanted more and when we have had enough. The red side indicates no more, the green continue! There was a pizza cooking on the pizza oven and meats cooking away for us to the colourful buffet bar full of carbonara, salads, gnocchi and olives to name but a few of the dishes! The dishes which went down most with the gang was the gammon, pork, sausages, meatballs, gnocchi and the famous Casa pineapple with cinnamon! The fact we were there doing a quiet midweek evening meant that perhaps there was not as much meat selection as we would have preferred, some of the gang noted that they would like to see if things were different on a busy night.

The service was friendly but Pete did feel that as there was only us and another table in use, the staff were a bit eager to get us fed and out so they could go home. Having said this, they were helpful enough to whip us up a fresh pizza when they had run out so that we could have some more. The decor was fresh and to the theme of Italian culture, using old Ferrari cars as a source of conversation and decoration on the walls. The whole restaurant was clean and vibrant, the toilets being very clean also.

If anyone has room for dessert, be aware that they are on the pricey side and not really very "Italian" in nature. Three of the group opted for the chocolate brownie, which was tasty but nothing amazing. Gemma had hoped to have tried the "Dessert pizza" which was advertised on the website and the menu in the venue, but was told they were not available. The manager tried to tell us on departing that it was because chef had no bananas, which Gemma does not even like anyway!! We did feel this was perhaps an excuse to make up for the fact perhaps they just wanted to shut up shop for the evening, it did not feel too genuine to be honest!!

Despite this little set back and the small selection of meats on offer, the group did have an enjoyable evening and would love to go back, though perhaps on a day when dessert pizza is an option and there are more meats to try!

Marks out of 10............................................. 7.5 (Dave Graham)

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