Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Ranchos Steak house Fareham

      A tasty meal in a popular setting

This month was Gemma's choice in celebration for her 30th birthday! We dined this month at Ranchos, a chain we have been to before but this time we tried out the newer branch in Fareham.

The atmosphere was lively and busy for the popular Wednesday deal of unlimited ribs. We were seated in a cosy corner where we could admire the bar and the cosy decor which fit the venue nicely. This month we are taking the ladies view on things (the men have been a little slack with their review this time!)

Clair started with the nachos which she was a little picky about and ordered them without guacamole or salsa, something which the staff were happy to entertain! Thetvwere very crunchy and what you would expect from nachos! Gemma hadctge chicken pasties which were delicious.

For mains, Clair had a  burger which was verybmeaty and delicious and definitely worth a try, whilst Gemna and Dave both opted for the unlimited ribs deal. Gemma felt they were beautifully cooked as the meat just fell off the bone! So filling too that they only managed one round!!

For dessert, Clair tried one of her favourite desserts, a cheesecake which was tasty but nithingbiutvof this world. Gemma opted to be a little different and had the sticky toffee pudding which soon disappeared!!

All in all, the meal itself was pleasant and although busy and noisy, the experience was pleasant enough to make us feel that perhaps we could return again at some point

Marks out of 10.............................................7 (Gemma Wickens)

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