Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jags @ 119 - Southsea, Portsmouth

                      An American Diner with defeat on its menu for one of our Grubgang team!!

Got a big appetite? Fancy a bit of a challenge? Well, as the Grubgang turned up at this months venue of Jags @119 in Elm Grove, Southsea, Dave was intrigued by the sign outside challenging people to try their massive meal challenge for the price tag of £25. The prize? A T-shirt and a free meal! Never one to turn down the chance of a free meal, Dave opted to give it a go!! More on that later.........

The rest of the group decided against the HUGE challenge, and chose to have starters and mains! Clair and Pete both tried the potato skins. Clair tried the cheese and chive deep filled skins, which were creamy and delicious but a little sickly towards the end, whereas Pete tried the pulled pork ones which he found surprisingly nice and not in the least bit greasy! Gemma had the "Meaty Ribs" which she found disappointing and falsely advertised as they were mostly grease, gristle and bone.

For mains, Clair had the southern fried chicken and sweet potato fries. The chicken was cooked well and was moist, but not as tasty as she expected as most southern fried chicken pieces are full of flavour! The sweet potato fries were tasty however, a point echoed by Gemma who found them tasty, if no different from what she is used to having in other restaurants. She had the fries on the side of her Hotdog special, a mixture of pork and beef sausage with pulled pork and cheese served in a sour dough bun. She thought this was amazing!! The flavours complimented themselves well and it was refreshing having a hotdog in a bun which was not toasted and stale.

Peter opted for the 12oz southern fried chicken burger which he thought was amazing and huge! He too had a sour dough roll with his meal which went down very well! And so to the man of the hour........Dave trying the challenge! The challenge included a 12oz burger, full rack of ribs,onion rings, garlic bread, coleslaw and 2 portions of fries. He had 45 mins to eat the whole lot to get the prize, but he wasn't quite able to make it! There was just too much food! The burger was homemade and tasty, the ribs were meaty but the whole thing was a little too greasy to handle towards the end! Obviously, Dave did not have a starter or dessert because of the size of his meal!!

Gemma and Pete did opt for a taste of the desserts........Gemma tried the New York Cheesecake with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. This was nice, but nothing overwhelming. Simple crunchy base with a creamy topping. Pete had the apple pie and ice cream, opting for the hot pie so the ice cream could melt on the top. This went down very well!

The restaurant itself has lovely decor, with sketches of Hollywood greats on the walls. The seating did get a little uncomfortable after a while, as both ladies found. Although clean and tidy in the restaurant, Clair did feel the toilets had a funny smell which made her feel not so great about visiting them! Dave mentioned that the gents toilets were not as offensive as he expected them to be, so mixed thoughts here. The service was friendly, if a little slow despite there being hardly anyone in the restaurant it being a weekday.

Marks out of ten ........................................................ 6 (Peter Hall)

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