Friday, 21 February 2014

Yonkers American Restaurant, Portsmouth

                              An American treat....with a car on the wall!!

Our first Grubgang of the New Year was to Osbourne Road, where Dave had booked the smart looking Yonkers American restaurant for us to try.

When you enter, it is obvious that this is not like any other American diner that the gang have visited. There is a car mounted on the wall as well as many lovely pictures of New York. It has a clean, sophisticated feel! We were seated at a lovely round table, so everyone could join in conversations!

The starters were of good quality, with the gang trying the Ribs, Southern fried chicken and the fishcakes. Gemma highly recommended the fishcakes as being very good value for money, as they were packed with meat! Clair felt that the ribs were a better choice than the southern fried chicken as her little try of Pete's starter really got the mouth watering!

When it came to the main courses, there was a little mix up with the ladies burgers, meaning Clair had Gemma's Pulled pork burger instead of the special burger WITH pulled pork. A little confusing, yes, but still a mistake which should not have been made. That being said, the ladies did enjoy their mains. The patty for the special burger was a little dry, but the pulled park was fantastic. Mike was totally in awe over the sheer size of the burgers and was definitely filled up by his main!! Pete too was shocked to find his chicken burger was a beefburger WITH TWO chicken breasts and onion rings!!! We were definitely not being deprived of portion size!

And so to dessert. Well, it had to be the typical American choices....Pancakes, New York Cheesecake and Apple Pie! Pete asked for the "special Yonkers ice cream" which was listed on the menu, but turned out to be just the same as ordinary ice cream. There did seem to be a few issues on the menu as it turned out. The desserts went down a treat, however!

Overall, the staff were very attentive and polite. We were able to have a little banter with our waiter. Not so good that there were issues with the menu and our orders, but the general quality and presentation of the food was fantastic (if not quite wowing Clair this time) There was a little issue with waiting between the starter and main course, but this seemed to be because they wanted to serve our table at the same time as the other table which was being used at the same time as us. Toilets were clean (If a little confusing for Clair who ended up in the men's!)

It was unanimous that the gang would love to visit again in the future!!

Marks out of 10......................................  8 (Dave Graham)

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