Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Casa Brasil , Southampton

                                    A great first choice by Peter, Brazilian style!!
The Grubgang have been very fortunate to try some interesting foods from around the world by visiting restaurants in the South, but had yet to discover Brazilian food. Peter had his first ever choice since joining the Grubgang, so we set out towards Southampton to try out Casa Brasil, an all you can eat Brazilian restaurant full of vibrancy and flavours!

It would be wrong of me to neglect to set a little of the scene on this particular evening, it should be mentioned but not taken away from our overall score! We had been unfortunate to choose a night where thunderstorms had been predicted, and although the lightening was flashing around when we parked up, it was not raining. However, within seconds of leaving the car the heavens opened,  meaning that 6 very soggy and cold people entered the restaurant!! Not a great start for us all sat with soggy bottoms, but at the end of the day this was out of anyones control.

So, to the restaurant and meal itself. The concept is quite simple. You are seated at your table (or squeezed in on this occasion, not very pleasant for some of the gang!) and you are given a card. On this card one side is red, the other green. You place the green side up when you are ready to begin and the food is brought to your table. And when we say food, we mean....food! Plenty of it! The meats are brought round on skewers and offered to the table. We counted 14 different types of meat throughout the evening, from sirloin steak (which was a succulent favourite on the table) to Peters personal favourite and delicacy of chicken hearts. We were also offered a great palate cleanser of cinnamon rolled hot pineapple, which we all really loved!! Definitely a winter warmer there!

The side salads, rice, pasta, chips and other small delicacies are offered in the middle of the room, where people can visit as many times as they like to fill their plates. Unfortunately, many people were confused as to what each item was for the side dishes, as nothing was labelled. This could be an issue for people with allergies. What I believed to be a potato croquette turned out to be a banana fritter!! Not really my cup of tea!!

We were a little put off by the fact that despite booking, our table for 6 was a little cramped, with poor Gemma being stuck out on the end. With the loudness in the restaurant and her position, she was unable to hear a lot of the conversations going on within the group. There was also an issue with the bill. Upon phoning to book, Peter had enquired about a service charge, which he was told was not added to the bill. However, upon receiving the bill this was not to be the case, causing a little issue for us where the service charge had put the bill up quite considerably.

Gemma and Dave felt that the rice and cous cous was a little undercooked and Clair was disappointed the chips were also on the cold side, but other than this the food was fantastic and made for a lovely evening (despite the damp start!!)

Marks out of 10.................................. 7 (Peter Hall)

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  1. Some people are difficult to please this is a gr8 place