Thursday, 20 September 2012

Boomerang - Hamble, Southampton

                                                       We will be coming back!!

Deans birthday choice reflected his youth yesterday as we entered Boomerang, the Australian themed restaurant with lots of offer!! Dean had travelled to Australia backpacking and fancied reliving a bit of the Ozzie atmosphere with his choice of venue.

Boomerang is set in the beautiful village of Hamble, with it's Olympic golden post box being a tourist attraction at the moment, as well as the wonderful walks along the river and stunning scenery. The restaurant itself has been established for 12 years and offers a range of dishes from special kangaroo dishes, Italian, Greek and Mexican all on on large menu!! It was quite a shock to be given such a large menu AND a specials menu, but it did mean that there was plenty to choose from!

During Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant transforms into a nightclub. There is a dancefloor and pool table up by the bar with comfy sofas and ambient lighting up away from the tables for dining. The decor is bright, airy and welcoming, with boomerangs hung on every wall and lovely large mirrors making the space feel a lot bigger. The tables are quite tucked together, so on a busy night you can imagine you could feel a little claustrophobic, but we were lucky to be there on a quiet evening!

It is possible to achieve the 3 courses for £20 grubgang rule here, if you look at the menus carefully enough. (We are beginning to learn that getting the drinks in the money too is not so easy with inflation these days ) There are some lovely steaks and special dishes if you are willing to spend a little more or just opt for two courses!

As Mike was unable to join us as he is having his well deserved holidays, it came to our guest grub ganger Dave Graham to add his thoughts to the place. He opted to try the special chicken nacho dish, as did Gemma. Both found it delicious and a great twist on the nachos and cheese starter idea. Clair had a little taste too, but found the salsa a bit hot for her liking (fussy eater alert!!) She had the whitebait for her starter, which was very nice and the birthday boy chose deep fried Brie which again was top notch!!

The mains took a while to choose as there was so much to choose from! Dean and Clair opted for the Ultimate calzone, named "Flash" after one of the inshore rescue guys based nearby. A really big meal and very satisfying, full of pepperoni, ham, chicken, mozzarella and Stilton served with chips and salad. It was so big that Clair couldn't finish hers and the waitress kindly wrapped it up to take it home for Deans lunch the next day!! Dave had a 12 inch pizza........or as he put it "I'll have 12 inches of Crocodile Dundee please!" All the pizzas are named after Australian celebrities or items which was a different way of doing it!!

Again, Dave could not manage it all as it was sooooo deliciously filling, again the lady wrapped it up for his supper!! Gemma decided upon trying a home made boomerang burger, with bacon, cheese and mushroom. The burger itself was really meaty and tasty. You could tell it had been home made!! Gemma did feel that the mushroom was a little oily for her taste, but was very impressed with the meal none the less.

The dessert menu was a little limited, and offered quite heavy puddings after such big meals. We were informed that the dessert menus were changing the next day and that the chefs were in the kitchen experimenting all day. Clair really wanted to try the raspberry cheesecake, but they had ran out and as the gang were so full up on food, they decided to leave the desserts on this occasion.

So to the facilities..........well if you imagine any nightclub toilets that's basically what you have here. They are very low to sit on and although they looked fairly clean, they do need a little TLC. Plus, the ladies toilet door was wide open for some reason, meaning that although people couldn't see into the cubicles, ladies would not have such a private time when freshening up!!

A last word about the service. Absolutely fantastic!! The lady was very attentive to our needs, apologising for the size of the menus, joking with us and being so lovely as to make us doggy bags. She was lovely and we feel so ashamed that we left so deep in conversation, we did not give her  a tip, which she so wholeheartedly deserved.

Welldone Boomerang and as every boomerang does, we will be back!!!

Marks out of 10 ....................................................... a bonza 8!!

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