Friday, 17 August 2012

Grubgang extra - The Ferry, Bursledon

     A celebratory meal finds a Grubgang possible gem for those who don't mind the steep walk!!

Dean took Clair out to celebrate their forth anniversary last night, and had stumbled upon The Ferry, a unique restaurant nestled in the Bursledon Elephant Boatyard. The restaurant was originally a chain link ferry, taking passengers  from Southampton to Woolston up until 1977. Overlooking the Hamble river, the restaurant offers something a little different from your usual restaurant!!

Recently, the entrance to the Ferry has been moved, meaning that you either have to manoeuvre your car or walk down a steep, muddy slope. We had to do the latter as the taxi driver didn't fancy the sharp turn or steep slope one bit. One mark down for us here. When you approach the entrance, unfortunately it doesn't leap out to you at all. In fact, if it weren't for the menu on the side wall, you wouldn't even really notice it was there at all!! Very different from what is portrayed on the website!

Once you walk around the corner, however, a lovely surprise awaits you where the restaurant is decorated beautifully and the smell of food wafts through the room. Delightful. Unexpectedly, we were handed a Thursday special menu, offering four courses for £18.99, so within the Grubgang rules aside from the drink, and with an extra course!!

The staff are friendly and attentive, without being too pushy or over the top. We were given the chance to order garlic bread or olives whilst we waited for our starters, which we did, but it is not really needed as you get lovely warm bread to go with your starter!! Speaking of which, we both decided on the goats cheese salad, deliciously packed with pine nuts, a lovely french dressing, but a little shy on the warm goats cheese for our liking!!

For the mains, Dean chose the Veal which was cooked wonderfully and served with potatoes and fresh vegetables and a delicious jus. Clairs main of Hake melted in the mouth and was divine! The caper sauce was buttery and perfect!! No qualms with the chef here at all!! And so the third course was served.... a cheese board with 4 cheeses, crackers, celery and apple.

So to dessert........four choices and so difficult to choose!! We both opted for the chocolate brownie, served with vanilla ice cream. It was soft, gooey and delicious and just the right size so to not make you feel bloated!! That is the one thing we both agreed was so good at the restaurant is that the food was delicious, but didn't make you feel you needed to loosen your belt!!

We would definitely recommend this wonderfully unique setting to anyone for an intimate meal, celebration or sunday lunch (another deal here if you check out the website) However, the journey could be quite difficult for those not happy with driving up and down steep slopes or walking them.

Marks out of 10......................................................................... 8

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