Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rimjhim Port Solent

A very disappointing meal in lovely looking restaurant!!
The Grubgang were pleasantly surprised that the weather was so lovely given that the venue Gemma had chosen was Port Solent! A lovely view from an Indian restaurant which has lovely open decor and plenty of space! But lovely decor and cleanliness unfortunately doesn't save the restaurant today!

Gemma had picked the Indian as it had offered the chance of a fish and chip special for Clair, who is not one for spicy food! Unfortunately, this deal stops at 5pm, so we were a few hours out! A perfect opportunity for Clair to be brave and try a curry. A shame it could have put her off for life (more of that in a moment!) The starters went down fairly well, sweet potato cakes, chicken pakora and Goan style beef went down very well. Clair tried the chicken chat, which was cooked lovely but a bit spicy for her and Gemmas taste too!!

So, onto the mains. We waited a long time to see them, well over 40 mins! People around us were asking where their meals were and got the reply " Its all cooked fresh" In fact, looking at the other customers faces, nobody seemed too happy, not even those who were eating!! Gemma has a chicken Bhuna,  but found it far to hot compared to the bhunas she has tried in the past in Indian restaurants. Dean and Mike asked for a chicken tikka masala. Mike recieved one, Dean however received a totally different dish! We then had to wait whilst they rectified their mistake! And how about Clair's first ever curry?? Well, she ordered the creamiest one out, a chicken korma. The first few bites were ok, but once she bit into uncooked, pink chicken, that was it!! Put her off for life now!!

We also had an issue with drinks, where Dean ordered a second drink which never arrived. He had to ask for it three times before it arrived!!

The gang were so disappointed with their meals, the bill was asked for, which again took a while to arrive. When it did, it turned out that the poppadoms we had ordered were charged at £1 each rather than the 75p in the menu, you are charged per head for the chutneys, which we didn't ask for and just arrived with the poppadoms and a service charge is added to the bill. Not that we wished to pay it as although the staff seemed friendly enough, they just didn't seem to care about the customers at all.

At a hefty £98 for four people to eat, this evening didnt quite adhere to the Grubgang budget, especially when we didnt even want to look at the dessert menu! We felt very deflated that such a nice looking place (with quite small tables considering the amount of dishes which come with each meal) did not quite fulfil its potential. We even were given a set menu with the bill........something which maybe should have come with the main menu at the start of the meal????

Marks out of 10............................................. a very disappointing 3

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