Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Deans Diner, Port solent

Dining at Deans...........but not our Dean's house........an American Diner!

Deans Diner has not been open in Port Solent for very long, but must be doing something right as there were plenty of people in the diner last night!! An ideal place for a meal before or after a film at the local cinema, this diner seems to have the perfect location to get hungry diners flocking in for a filling meal.

And filing they are too! True, the menu is limited to the choice of Burgers, hot dogs and a few sandwiches, but this is indeed an American diner style menu and is not meant to be too detailed. In a sense, this setting is fantastic if you are looking for an easy, no nonsense, tasty meal and not for those out there who prefer to have plenty of choices to eat.

let us start with the decor. It is very comfortable and bright inside the diner, with American pictures all over the walls, but tastefully done. There is a traditional American jukebox playing in the corner and the tables are set out well, with a mixture of booths and tables and of course, a place to sit at the "bar" for your milkshakes!! The best thing is, the staff who although are dressed in the typical American fast food uniforms, are not likely to start jumping on tables doing the YMCA during your meal or jump out with a huge birthday surprise for unsuspecting celebrating customers! In fact, they are happy and friendly and very easy to talk to!!

Being Grubgang, we like to do 3 courses for our £20 per head and here we were able to do so, only going slightly over with our drinks. But it is very viable to get your moneys worth here. There arent the hugest amounts of choices for starters, but still enough to actually get you in the mood for American food!! I had the chicken in JD sauce, which was served piping hot and delicious, Gemma had the corn on the cobs which were what you would expect, whilst the Men in the party decided to eat the sharing onion rings by themselves (which in hindsight they admit was probably a bit too gutsy of them!!)

The mains.......well, 3 of us all had different burgers whilst Gemma tried a hot dog. The burgers were very filling. A good sized quarter pounder which was very tasty. Unfortunately, the hot dogs let the side down as the bun tasted almost stale and the sausage inside was dry and mealy. Clair was disappointed with the fries which she ordered with cheese sauce and bacon. The cheese sauce is not all that great, basically a processed cheese slice melted onto the fries. As the meals themselves do not come with fries, we would recommend that you share portions of fries, especially as the burgers are pretty filling themselves. Dean loved the sweet potato fries, but could not eat them all as he was so full!!!

The desserts where not great. The apple pie went down well for Mike, but the same cannot be said for the NYC cheesecake. Self pronounced cheesecake connoisseurs Clair and Gemma were most disappointed by the dry cheesecake mix and the very very sugary base. Not good I am afraid! But, by all intentions the milkshakes get the big thumbs up.........tasty, full of ice cream and filling as well as different with the nutella flavour!!

It would be wrong of us to totally slate this diner as the burgers and milkshakes were fab, as were the starters we chose, but maybe a little work needs to go into the hot dogs and get that NYC cheesecake up to scratch!!! It is the cleanliness, disabled access and family friendly side to this diner that has really impressed us in order for us to give our mark. Well done Deans Diner, definitely a stop off next time we got to the movies!!

Mark out of 10.................................................................... 7 (Mikes choice)

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