Friday, 29 April 2011

Dragon - Fareham

A difficult one to judge

For his birthday, Mike booked us into Dragon in Fareham, a Chinese well known in the area for good takeaway food. But, we weren't expecting the events which we encountered upon arriving. The outside looked dark upon looking in, but we didn't think much of it. We were greeted by a flustered lady who led us to our table and apologised about it being dark It was very, very dark in the smallish restaurant and it wasn't until we heard the staff talking that we discovered that there was a power cut in the street. The power had been out for a good few hours, but food was still being served.

Upon reading the menu, we found that to meet our £20 a head rule, the best option would to be to go for 2 different set menus, allowing us to share the food and taste a range of dishes. Then, they started turning away custom, something that began to make Dean feel a little uncomfortable.

The food, however, was cooked really well and was served piping hot........well, we were the only people in the restaurant!! It was good food, that cannot be denied, but for this review, I feel that we cannot really gain a picture of what Dragon is actually like because of the unforeseeable circumstances. It could be argued that for health and safety reasons, the premises should have closed, for the staffs sake. One lady who was at a table when we arrived was offered a torch to find her way to the toilet!! You can also understand the frustration of the staff, who had to deal with incoming calls from would be customers and having to turn them away.

Therefore, as chief reviewer, I have decided against giving a mark for this restaurant. I feel it is unfair for us to gauge opinion when our experience would have been different with the power on!! We will hopefully look at a return visit next year, to therefore give a true and honest opinion when they have their facilities running as they need to. After all, you cant help a power cut in the street!!

Until then, try it out for could let us know how you find Dragon!!!


Trinity Street,



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