Monday, 28 February 2011

February 24th - The Sussex Brewery

You cant beat a good banger for your birthday!!

So its that time of year again.......February means Clairs birthday and those who know her well will know she loves a good sausage (no rude comments please!) So, when she stumbled upon the website for The Sussex Brewery near Emsworth, it had to be her choice!! A pub specialising in sausages had to be tested! After struggling to find the pub in the dark and unable to see the car park sign (something perhaps to be remedied) we managed to find a parking space to get to our pre- booked table. (Their online booking was very efficient)

The pub is only small and can be quite of a squeeze when you walk through the door. There is a separate room for those eating from the menus other than the bar menu, but again it is a little bit of a squeeze so booking is essential) The pub boasts 25 types of sausages and didn't fail to deliver. There are a wide range of quality sausages from Kangeroo (the Roo Banger!) to chicken and blue cheese, which were the ladies choices. The men chose Pork and black pudding ( Dave kindly stepping in for absent Mike) and the creole (Deans spicier option)

The sausages are of top quality. They are full of meat rather than the gristle and water expected from the usual common sausage. They were delicious. However, they are served with the choice of mash or chips, beans or peas with gravy. The peas were a little on the hard side and unfortunately, you are required to pay more if you fancy a different variety of veg.

After eating 2 courses (the starters being very tasty also), there was bearly enough room for pudding. The heavier options of cheesecake and brownie were left to the men, whilst the ladies opted for sorbet and ice cream to finish the meal. The sausages were indeed filling which meant there was hardly any room!!!

In terms of price, if you go for the sausage option, it is possible to do 3 courses, although the prices of the drinks may push you over £20 depending on what you drink. Although small (something that actually makes the pub very homely) this pub offers a decent meal and good service and for those who don't like sausages, a choice of a few pub favourites to eat. The website is out of date, so you cannot rely on the prices listed or indeed the types of sausages listed on the site.

Due to the poor signing of the car park, hard peas and website discrepancies we would like to review this pub as .......................

Marks out of 10..................................................... a respectable 6 (Clair Maskell)

The Sussex,

36 Main Road


PO10 8AU

01243 371533

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