Monday, 17 January 2011

Sakura - Albert Road, Southsea

A bit of cold fish does the trick!

Welcome to 2011 and whats the best way to kick off the new Grubgang year then by starting with a completely new type of food to the group........Japanese!! Situated in Albert Road, Sakura is a small but wonderfully decorated restaurant offering a range of Japanese cuisine from the delicacy of sushi to tender cooked fish and meat.

We were given a nice booth table, with plenty of room to move. Couples may find the restaurant a little cramped (not really a romantic destination) but any customer should find clean surroundings with efficient and welcoming service. There was a wide range of dishes on the menu to choose from, causing the group to take a little time to decide what to have! The dishes were well within the £20 budget with a drink and the majority of us decided to try the set menus, allowing us to try a range of Japanese dishes in one go. Clair's Kaisen Fural Teishoku (prawns, tuna, crab sticks with dumplings, salad, miso soup and sushi) was delicious and the Katsu chicken side order was cooked to perfection. The Miso soup is an acquired taste as Gemma vouched for, but then sushi is not everyones cup of tea. Needless to say, Dean really enjoyed his sushi and the curry Yaki udon (curried wheat noodles and vegetables)

Mike and Gemma also had a set menu, Gemma having the Chicken Katsu Teisho which she thoroughly enjoyed and Mike with the Saba Teriyaki Teishoku, with Mackerel the main meat on his plate.

The desserts (yes, we had a little room) were mostly ice creams, which is understandable as the food is so filling!! Dean however, spotted the Deep fried mango which disappeared very fast! Mike tried a mixture of green tea, vanilla and sesame ice cream whilst Gemma had a bowl of the sesame ice cream - which incidentally is grey in colour but VERY nice!!!

The facilities were clean, although used as a place to store boxes of leaflets! but, this is understandable as the building is quite small as are all of the properties generally along Albert Road, and Sakura have done their best to make the most of the space that they have. This has been the first time the majority of the group have tried Japanese cuisine and we are very pleased that Dean chose this lovely introduction to the food!

Marks out of ten...................................................... 9 (Dean Maskell)


9 Albert Road


02392 751103

Revisited 10/12/12
Gemma decided that we should revisit this lovely Japanese restaurant for her birthday Grubgang and we must say that we still feel that the marks should remain the same!! The decor is still lovely and the welcome warm and friendly. The food hasn't changed, the menu still being the same as when we visited before, to the point that we had quite similar dishes! Clair and Gemma both picked the set menu of Chicken Katsu and Mike choosing the fish option. Dean opted to try some sushi as well as a noodle dish, which filled him up and definitely hit all the right notes with him!!

The desserts were picked by Mike and Dean, who were eager to have some of the sesame ice cream again as well as trying a new dish which we had no clue what it was. Tempura ice cream?? There was no explanation on the menu. We had to ask.........and found it was Deep fried Ice cream!! It was very delicious! Naughty if you are watching your weight, but yummy all the same!!

So well done yet again Sukura, you can keep your high score of 9!!

Revisited score.................................................... 9 out of 10       (Gemma Wickens)

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