Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Castle Tavern - Gosport

Clairs Christmas Meal............Festive fun or failure?

So, is it possible to have a Grubgang worthy Christmas meal, still sticking to the £20 budget? Well, dining here it is possible to get 3 courses for £12.99, still leaving plenty of money left over for a festive drink or two!! The pub is a little cramped, especially when busy but has a lovely atmosphere. The management and staff are friendly and helpful, making the planning of a christmas do less stressful.

The food by any standard was Ok. I chose the garlic mushrooms to start, which were delicious and couldnt be faulted. The Christmas dinner of turkey and the trimmings was nice - not too dry and the vegetables were cooked nicely, however the gravy somewhat damped things by being too thick and quite salty. The dessert was the worst of the three courses - i decided upon the cheesecake which was too overpowered with cinnamon which for my taste wasnt quite right. (the base however was delicious)

All in all, the facilities were clean, and with the jollyness of the staff, i feel that the Chrsitams menu for that price was just right. If I could change anything though, I may have changed some of my menu choices.

Marks out of ten ............................................... a festive 6

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