Monday, 24 May 2010

Cafe Uno Port Solent Review

Bit of a squeeze for a tasty meal

At last! The Grubgang found a nice view and the weather was sunny!! Choosing Port Solent for this months meeting was definitely a winner in terms of views! Situated along the marina, diners can choose to sit upstairs, downstairs and outside to take in the view whilst trying their Italian cuisine. We chose to sit outside, watching the sunset and feeling very continental!!

The menu is varied and suits a range of tastes. It is possible to do 3 courses and a drink for £20, but with some combinations you can go a little over. For us, this was not a problem as Clair had researched the restaurant beforehand, booking the table online and taking advantage of their voucher offer, entitling the bearer to buy on main meal and get another free. With two of these vouchers, the gang were able to have a little more for the budget than usual!

The meals went down really well.......the mini pizzas to start were a hit with the ladies! The main meals also proved to be substantial, although Mike was a little disappointed with the fact his sausage and bean dish was not accompanied by vegetables. Never mind, there were plenty of Clair's vegetables to go around from her choice from the specials menu!! Chicken with bacon, olives and mushrooms in a tasty tomato sauce. Just writing about it makes the mouth water again!

As the evening drew a little chillier we retired inside the restaurant for dessert....the men opting for the coffee vanilla cheesecake and the ladies choosing the fantastic chocolate and toffee sundae with chocolate brownie pieces. The meal was a winner (although we never received our complimentary espresso as promised on the dessert menu) and the service was friendly and professional. Alas, here comes the "BUT......."

But, the space in the restaurant was limited. Tables were packed together, not too much of a problem for us this evening with it being quiet, but we could imagine feeling less comfortable if there on a busy evening. The major downside for the ladies at least was the size of the toilets. Larger and pregnant ladies may find it difficult to maneuver themselves in the ladies as there is hardly any room to move! Not only that, there was a lack of toilet roll and the lock wasn't working on one of the cubicles. Not good for only 3 toilets. Being Grubgang, we don't just look at the food, the whole package has to be taken into consideration and unfortunately, due to this space issue we are having to mark down the venue.

Cafe Uno is a lovely place to eat, but if like Clair, you are nearly eight months pregnant and needing a little comfort stop frequently, i would be wary of choosing this venue!

Marks out of 10 ......................................................... 7 (Clair's choice)

Cafe Uno
20-21 The Boardwalk
Port Solent
Po6 4TP
02392 375223

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