Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Landers Bar, Gosport

A little Gem from Gem???

Landers Bar
Hasler Marina
Hasler Rd
Po12 1NU

02392 588890

Firstly, apologies for the poor quality of the picture, it was the best we could find!! So, Gemma looked for an ideal local eaterie for the gang to visit, and found landers bar. Situated within Hasler Marina, with views across the marina, which being winter we could not really see in the dark (plus it rained!!) Gemma had looked at the restaurant website before our visit, but was disappointed to discover the menu given to us was in no way Any similar.

The menu stated that the restaurant was a "steak house" but there were only a few steaks on the limited menu. In fact, it was difficult for the gang to find a starter they really fancied. The soup being the only option really for Clair and Gemma. True, people have different tastes but it nice to have a few more options to choose from rather than just 5!! Having said that, the soup was very tasty and the lads enjoyed their starters too!!

The mains were just as well presented and of high quality, but again not much of a choice. The fish pie was superb and the steak, tuna steak and burger also went down well!! Mike did have a little disappointed with his potatoes which he felt were too dry and the salad garnish on the meals was heavily covered in dressing.

The only other culinary disadvantage was the ladies very flat lemonade....with one lady driving and one expecting the patter of tiny feet we felt we deserved a bit better than lemon water!!
Plus, it was hard to eat a steak without the supply of a steak knife!! Luckily, the waitress helped out on that score.
The decor of the venue was modern and pleasant and very clean throughout. All in all, the evening was very pleasant and not too bad, although a little more choice would be appreciated!!

score.................. 7 out of 10 (Gemmas choice)

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