Sunday, 28 February 2010

Crab House Cafe Portland

Here's one that breaks the rules, but fills the stomach!! Grub gang on tour 2!!

As a special treat, Dean took Clair to Weymouth for a weekend trip, booking this interesting little place for dinner. It does break the rules in terms of the costs.....£20 will get you 1 course and maybe a drink, but we felt this place needed a mention as the food is simply fantastic!!

The decor and layout of the restaurant leaves little to be desired and was marked down by us as it just didnt seem to fit the level of food we were offered! Being a seafood restaurant, there were fish on show so you could see the special catches they had in that day. The tables were closely packed together with little room for movement. The poor staff had to negotiate themselves around 4 tables to get straight across to our table from the kitchen! And as for the facilities? Well, by the time I made my way around the other diners (asking some to kindly move so i could get around) I had to go outside (YES OUTSIDE!!!) to find the unisex toilet!!!

This aside, the food was top class. Dean would recommend that if you choose a whole crab, as he did, make sure fellow diners on your table realise it can take up to an hour to eat (poor Clair!!) The fish is all caught fresh that day and is cooked within view of the customers, which was great to watch! The chef is very passionate about his cooking (and was also we discovered, the owner!)

The haddock with crab and cheese stuffing was simply devine, as was the scallops i had as a starter! The dorset apple cake just rouneded the meal of nicely and well worth the extra money and break of rule!!

All in all, if the Crab house cafe could utilise their tables to create more space and create a decor which is a little more suited to the food, we would definitely recommend the restaurant for anyone who has a little extra to spend for a special occassion.

7 out of 10 (found by Dean)
Crab House Cafe
Ferrymans way, Portland Road, Wyke Regis, Dorset DT4 9YU

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