Friday, 22 May 2009

TGI Fridays Restaurant

TGI Fridays:
Just a little bit stale

The general ambiance of this eatery is American diner themed. We went on a Thursday night, and yet it was very busy. Perhaps this was to do with the "2 courses for £9.99" which was the main reason for my choice this month.

The food was good, although not fantastic. I was most disappointed with my dessert the "popcorn brownie sundae" as it had stale popcorn in it and had only 2 pieces of chocolate brownie within it. Not worth the £4.99 i paid at all!

The staff were obviously run off their feet by the amounts of people, and appeared to be short staffed. They did an OK job, but it wasn't good to walk into a restaurant to hear the complaints of customers on their way out of the door. Maybe not one of my best choices

Mark: 4 out of 10 (Clair Maskell)

Address: TGI Fridays, 87 Southampton Road, Park Gate, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 6AF
Tel: 01489 577 533 Fax: 01489 589 735 Email:

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