Thursday, 22 May 2008

T & J Chinese Restaurant

Mark: 7 out of 10 (Gemma Wickens)

T & J Chinese Restaurant
17 The Precinct
South Street
PO12 1HA
United Kingdom
Tel: 02392 582564
For my first Grubgang, this was not my first option, but my very close second! This gem in Gosport precinct may be tucked away, but still extremely popular. Booking is an essential on the weekend due to the all you can eat, table serviced menu. You can have the usual Chinese menu, but for the purpose of Grubgang and its credit crunching theme, the £12.99 weekday evening all you can eat option was the definite choice by all four of us.
It enables all of your party to experiment with the Chinese cuisine, and even our most picky of eaters within our group tried some new tasty food! I personally find it to be the best Chinese in Gosport and i always try and persuade more and more people to go!
The only downside.... expensive drinks to cover the fact they offer the all you can eat menu ( but that can be expected with the market they are trying to attract)
Personally, I will always add a sweet at the end of my meal, the rest of the group don't always join me and with this restaurant you do pay an additional charge for the pleasure.
My advice to the owners (if they happen to stumble across our site) is to invest some money into the facilities! The ladies does need a little brightening up.
I always leave T and J's full and satisfied so all in all, a good recovery by the newest member on her nervous debut!


  1. This is now one of the regulars Dean and Clair and Gemma visit!! We have been on several occasions and still go back for more!! The toilets dont change tho lol!!

  2. This restaurant has been around for decades, one of the first ethnic restaurants in Gosport and has always deservedly had a good reputation. I've never been let down on my visits.