Monday, 22 June 2009

Edwinns Restaurant Review

Edwinns 21st Birthday Meal and Unlimited Wine for £20 per person!

This was an extra special deal that attracted us (always good to search for a local bargain). To celebrate Edwinns Fareham's 21st birthday, the restaurant provided a special 3 course birthday meal with unlimited wine for £20. It is viable to do a 2 course meal and SOFT drink for £20, a usual visit with the main menu will cost considerably more.

Service was fast and friendly and very attentive. However, we have concerns about the cutlery football we witnessed when clearing tables! Due to the high ceilings in the room, there is quite a loud atmosphere even to the extent we were able to overhear our neighbouring table enquiring to the waitress about the ethical source of their ingredients. In this case we discovered they do not use free range eggs. having said that, the food was as to be expected from a high quality restaurant.

If only the Grubgang were able to afford a non credit crunch meal...we'd be there a lot more often! The sweet tooth in you will definitely appreciate the superb dessert menu... leave a bit of room in both your belly and your budget!

The ladies of the group did feel that yet again, the toilets need a little TLC and a proper nappy bin rather (rather than an open basket!!) This is a common theme we are finding throughout our Grubgang meetings. Hopefully our comments may spur as much money spent on their facilities as on their kitchens.

On a brighter note, if the need for fresh air (and if available to do so) we recommended a stroll around the beautiful back garden. During our visit we noticed a wonderful game of croquet and made it appear a world away from Fareham town centre!

Mark: 8 out of 10 (Dean Maskell)

Address: Edwinns Fareham (now called Brasserie 68), 68 High StFareham, PO16 7BB
Tel: 01329 221338

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  1. Haven't been here for years - but it used to be a regular haunt of ours. Great place to take clients for lunch. Nice ambience and felt suitably spoiled, but at great prices.

    Nice website concept by the way! :o)

    Elle xx